Profile (English)

Yamao captures light in the darkness and does not let it go. Drawing gives him the meaning of life. To him, art means the lay of light in the darkness.

He was born and raised in Nara, Japan. He started drawing as a little child. He often refused to go to elementary school. During this tough time, he kept drawing. He could forget about his hardships when he was working on his art. He suffered from panic disorder when he was in middle school and stopped going outside of home when he was fourteen years old.

He spent his dark teenage years only in his room.


This word means so much to him.

The rock duo, B’z influenced him since then. Their sound and lyrics creates its own philosophy and he hears the message, “Live” in their music especially in their rock and roll beat. His art and life style have a lot to do with their philosophy.

There are lots of different worlds out there outside of your own world. Rules and morals change depending on countries, cultures, or age. They are not infinite. If you are not happy with where you are, look at the world outside of you little bit. His artwork is full of these messages.

Because drawing was the light in the dark for him, he hopes his artwork would be the light in other people’s darkness.

He holds exhibitions in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Paris, London, and Deauville, France since 2008.

His work was exhibited in Artexpo New York 2016, and in SOAF - Seoul, Korea in May 2016. He participated a group exhibition in London in June 2016.